Residential Inspection Services

Pre-sale Inspections

Pre-sale Inspections


You are planning to sell your house

You want to sell quickly

You would like to get the best price

You would like to reduce the
negotiation time

You want to protect yourself from future obligations

Amerispec offers the pre-sale inspection service for you to avoid potential hassles and disputes.

Our qualified inspectors will help you identify some gaps that could scare away potential buyers and allow you to fix it before receiving a promise to purchase.

A pre-sale inspection will inform your future buyer, in detail, the condition of your home and our owner/seller disclosure form will allow you to explain the history of your home.

Inspection à partir de :
  Unifamiliale Prévente $395.00  
  Unifamiliale Préachat $495.00  
  Condo moins de 1000pc $400.00  
  Condo plus de 1000pc $440.00