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Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography


Infrared thermography is a diagnostic tool to detect problems invisible to the naked eye.

Our infrared camera will allow you to check the following:

  • Discover the extent of the weaknesses in your building to better target your interventions and reduce your renovation costs
  • Understanding and identifying heat loss in your building to reduce your energy bill
  • Identify the source of water or leakage of air infiltration

An infrared picture tells you precisely the location of the problem and helps to properly plan the repairs / renovations to spare you unnecessary costs.

Thermography helps you make an economic, realistic and profitable choice.


Inspection à partir de :
  Unifamiliale Prévente $395.00  
  Unifamiliale Préachat $495.00  
  Condo moins de 1000pc $400.00  
  Condo plus de 1000pc $440.00