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News & Events


Re/Max Alliance / Ambiance / Pro-Commercial Kickoff
October 29, 2019

The AmeriSpec Laval team was privileged to attend the Re/Max Alliance / Ambience / Pro-Commercial Conference. It was a pleasure to meet all the brokers. Thanks for the invitation!

Fall Home Expo
October 27, 2019

The AmeriSpec Laval team took part in the Fall Home Expo, held at the Olympic Stadium, from October 24 to 27, 2019. We were pleased to share with the public information about our our “Healthy Home” Services – sampling, analysis and inspections.

Rendez-vous Royal LePage 2019
September 25, 2019

September is back to school month, but it is also the month in which the Royal LePage Rendezvous (RDV) takes place. The AmeriSpec Laval team had a great turnout of visitors to its booth! It was a real pleasure to meet you all!!


Québec Re/Max Kick Off
September 13, 2019

Friday the 13th, was for us a lucky day, since we got to spend it with the Re/Max brokers and their friendly mascot Max!

Thank you to everyone who greeted us!!


Via Capitale Kick Off 2019
September 11, 2019

In addition to having the privilege of meeting real estate brokers, the AmeriSpec team had the pleasure of meeting Capitou and Distinctou – mascots of Via Capitale.

We would like to thank the organizers and all the brokers for this great day of networking.


Re/Max d’Ici Golf Tournament
Summer 2019

We received these great photos of the Re/Max d’Ici Golf Tournament to raise funds for Operation Enfant Soleil, which took place earlier this summer.

We once again congratulate the tournament organizers and we thank them for this annual invitation! Looking forward to seeing you all next year!


Congratulations Re/Max d’Ici
June 10, 2019

Congratulations to Re/Max d’Ici for the organization of their Golf Tournament in support of Operation Enfant Soleil! $22,000 raised! We were at hole #2 … the hole that had PUNCH!!!

Thanks to all the golfers who generously gave for the sick kids.


Helping those affected in Ste-Marthe sur le Lac
May 1, 2019

AmeriSpec Laval – Rive-Nord – Montreal East wanted to do something concrete to help those affected by the floods. We contacted our customers who had bought a house in the area of Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac and bought them WalMart gift certificates.

These people are in need and need our help! I’d like to invite all our friends and associates to reach out to them in your own way. Every gesture counts and it feels good to give!!


Another Great Achievement!!
April 1, 2019

It is with great pride that we return from our AmeriSpec Regional Meeting with, once again, a trophy for the franchise having had the best monetary growth for the year 2018!! Thank you to our customers for their trust, and congratulations to our fantastic team!!

Our big winner, Pauline Dubé from Re/Max d’Ici !! Congratulations!!
December 19, 2018

Our big winner, Pauline Dubé from Re/Max d’Ici !! Congratulations!!

Congratulations to Madame Pauline Dubé, our big winner of the contest! A beautiful $4000.00 travel certificate. Thanks again to our wonderful sponsor Vacances le Faubourg! Have a nice trip, Mrs. Dubé !!

How to prepare for a home DIY project
November 27, 2018

How to Prepare for a home DIY projectWhether you’re looking to start a home renovation or solve a last-minute do-it-yourself crisis, it’s best to be prepared for both the inevitable and the unavoidable. Being organized and ready will save you money in the long run and will also relieve anxiety attributed to a big change or unforeseen accident.

Follow these three tips to ensure that the
next time you need to do some handywork or
repairs, you’re fully prepared for a stress-free
project from start to finish.

1. Buy good tools.

If you’re looking for tools that will last from now until the end of time, consider buying Craftsman — a brand of tools with a long-standing reputation for high-quality products that will get any job done. Now available in-store and online at Lowe’s, Rona, Reno-Depot and Ace, this brand has you covered for everything you need, from hand tools to power tools.

2. Make a plan before you start.

Sure, you can do a DIY project on the whim, but for larger-scale projects, be sure you have a plan, so you have a better sense of what needs to be done and you can avoid unwanted surprises. If you don’t have a blueprint of what you’re looking to renovate, you may end up living in a disaster zone for a lot longer than you need to.

3. Plan for forever, not for right now.

You might think to paint your room yellow because you’re currently feeling tropical, but come a few years – or even months – that may not seem like such a good choice. Consider a universal design and use adaptable features wherever possible. That way, in the future, any change you make to your home doesn’t have to be drastic, which will help you save time and money.


Happy Halloween
November 1, 2018


AmeriSpec Laval was proud to have sponsored the pumpkin distribution of Via Capitale Distinction!

Congratulations on this beautiful event!


Via Capitale KickOff Day in Lévis
September 20, 2018
What’s in Your Attic?

Thanks to all the brokers who came to visit our booth!

We look forward to working with you for all of your
inspection needs.



New Services Available from AmeriSpec
September 17, 2018

Nouveau chez AmeriSpec

We are very proud to announce that we can now perform air quality analysis for mold and asbestos.

Three (3) of our inspectors received training from Dr. Guylaine Tardif from Notreau Laboratory to take these samples.

Our goal is to provide you with all the services you need to complete your transaction in one place:

  • Presale and pre-purchase inspection
  • Analysis of air quality to detect mold or    asbestos
  • Thermography
  • Sampling for water analysis
  • Sampling for ferrous ocher
  • Sampling of vermiculite
  • Mushroom sampling


AmeriSpec Laval – North Shore – Montreal East

from 8am to 9pm, 7 days a week



Re/Max D’Ici Golf Tournament
June 15, 2018

AmeriSpec would like to thank all the brokers and participants who came to our kiosk during the tournament organized by Re/Max D’Ici. Your donations allowed us to raise $356.00 for OPÉRATION ENFANT SOLEIL.

Congratulations to Mr. Renaud Thibault,
Mr. François Granger and his assistant
Mrs. Karen Lee for the excellent organization of this event which raised a total of $19,000.00 for sick children!

Re/Max Alliance Gala



Re/Max Alliance Gala
May 23, 2018
Re/Max Alliance Gala

Congratulations to the entire Re/Max Alliance Ambiance ProCommercial team for organizing this great gala! Especially Claire Audet, Marion Conte, Samer Kilo, Ginette Cholette and Michel Tremblay.

An evening full of emotions with beautiful testimonials. We had the privilege of seeing Martin Deschamps perform with his daughter Lou! A big total of $75,000 has been raised for Opération Enfants Soleil. WOW !!!

Re/Max Alliance Gala


What’s in Your Attic?
April 4, 2018
What’s in Your Attic?

The presence of excrement or dead birds will attract vermin into your attic.

When present, these items must be removed. If you decide to undertake this work yourself, precautions are necessary because it is possible to contract illnesses from handling them.



Is There Water in Your Sump Pit?
March 28, 2018

Is There Water in Your Sump PitDuring this melting season, it is normal for the water to flow into your sump pit.

A sump pump is a system that allows you to dry the basement as well as the foundations of a house. This is set up to evacuate water collected from the groundwater and/or the French drain. Rainwater is collected in a basin and transported in a dry well, on the ground or in the municipal system by the sump pump.

Torrential rains often cause power outages. It is therefore essential to set up an emergency pump powered by water from the municipal aqueduct or by a battery.

If your sump pit is dry during melting or heavy rain, this may indicate, in some cases, that your French drain is not working properly. If we add signs of humidity in the basement to this situation, it would be prudent and important to have your French drain checked by a specialist.

Finally, it is also necessary to regularly verify and clean your sump pit to ensure there is no debris.



Attention Unwanted Tenants!!
March 21, 2018

Attention Unwanted Tenants!!It is recommended to check your attic space (attic) regularly. Surprises may await you!

You don’t want unwanted visitors taking up residence. Not only do raccoons ransack your attic (destroying the insulation, leaving urine and feces behind), they can also pose a potential danger to the health of the occupants.

Raccoons are carriers of infectious diseases that can spread to humans through the handling of animals, bites or scratches from the wild creature, and even contact with body secretions or feces.

To better prevent infestations, make the attic resistant to raccoons by ensuring that the roofs are not damaged. It is necessary to check the possible access points (chimneys, soffits/fascia, etc.), and to block them.

Avoid making your dream a nightmare!
Before buying your house, have it inspected!


Fire Department Issues Urgent Warning
January 5, 2018

The #1 Extension Cord Mistake You Should Never MakeThe #1 Extension Cord Mistake You Should Never Make

Extension cords are handy to have around when you have something that can’t reach the wall socket. However, you should be wary of plugging in too many things at once.

Power strips may have a lot of extra sockets, but that doesn’t mean it can actually handle everything you throw at it. There’s a limit to how much juice they can take!

When it gets cold outside, the first thing most people do is turn up the heat. If you don’t have a fireplace or central heating, the next best thing is a space heater. It’s compact, portable, and warms up a small room in a minimal amount of time. Another thing that it heats up is the extension cord. Even if a space heater is the only thing plugged into the power strip, they can overheat or even catch fire due to the added energy flow.

According to the National Safety Fire Administration, half of all heating home fires occur during December, January, and February. From 2009 to 2013, heating equipment accounted for 56,000 home fires. Don’t become one of those statistics!

If you’re thinking of getting a space heater this winter, make sure it’s been third-party tested by an independent lab, like UL. Don’t forget to make sure your smoke detector is working, and regularly check your space heater’s cords to make sure it’s not frayed or damaged. This way, you’ll keep both toasty warm and safe this winter.



Crossing the lake to the Island of Carillon
December 9, 2017

At AmeriSpec Laval we use every possible means, against all odds, to give impeccable service to our customers!

Here is Mr. Stéphane Blanchard, on the morning of December 9th, -1° celcius, accompanied by his client to go inspect a cottage on the island of Carillon !!

Crossing the lake to the Island of Carillon


Groupe Sutton Synergy Year-end Party
November 24, 2017

AmeriSpec had the pleasure of participating in the Groupe Sutton Synergy year-end party.Congratulations to Yvon Cousineau and his team for a successful evening!We wish happy holidays to all the brokers and employees of this great family!

Groupe Sutton Synergy Year-end Party


AIBQ 25th Anniversary
October 30, 2017
AIBQ 25th Anniversary

A lovely evening celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the AIBQ (Association of Building Inspectors of Quebec).Congratulations to Stéphane Blanchard, Certified Inspector and Director at Amerispec Laval Rive-Nord for his honourary plaque for 20 years of service.Thank you to the organizers and especially to Nicole Matte for the minute of silence in honor of the late Yves L’Archevêque, our previous director!



Preparing your Home for the Winter
October 20, 2017

Preparing your Home for the WinterWith the arrival of autumn, warm days are rarer and it is time to start preparing your home for the winter.Here are some good tips for you to organize well before the snow settles.

  • Remove screens. When left on the inside, they promote surface condensation and can create mold, while those left on the outside, can stain the windows. Moreover, the removal of the screens gives you a better brightness during the shorter, darker days of winter.
  • Ensure that opening and projection sealants are in good condition (doors, windows, fireplace, fixtures, electrical outlets, etc.) to prevent damage from water infiltration.
  • Check the condition of the air vent of the kitchen range hood and the bathroom fans. This will reduce the risk of harboring rodents over the winter season and will help to keep your heating bill in check by not letting the cold air enter the house!
  • Close and drain the outside water valve to prevent freezing water from bursting the pipe. It is not enough to simply close the faucet; you need to shut off the interior water valve, then drain the outside valve to release any water trapped in the line.
  • Pick up leaves, branches and debris and avoid piling firewood too close to the house. You will reduce the risk of carpenter ants entering the home, or rodents nesting in the debris.
  • Make sure the drainage of your eavestroughs is unrestricted. Clear any debris and leaves. Ensure that the downspouts drain away from the foundation of your home and that the joints are in good condition.


Needs vs. Wants
August 14, 2017

as-blogimgAre you house hunting? It’s key to make a list of wants vs. needs before viewing homes. You can always update it as you go, however, staying on budget will likely be more important than buying a home loaded with extras

When the time comes to begin your search for the perfect home, there’s a good chance you have an idea of what you’d like to find inside it. An open-concept floor plan, hardwood flooring and a large backyard may be at the top of your list. It’s a good idea, however, to establish a solid list of needs and wants in order to avoid purchasing a home with a price tag beyond what your budget allows.

Your needs: These are the must-have features that you can’t live without. For those with children, you will likely need a home with at least three bedrooms. For those who work from home, a home office will be a must-have feature. When it comes to bathrooms, be prepared to settle for a home with two. You will need one for family use and one for guests; a master ensuite is an added bonus.

The kitchen is one space that many house hunters don’t want to compromise on, particularly the person who does the most cooking. When viewing homes, pay close attention to things like counter space, layout and cupboard space. These are factors that will come into play on a daily basis and cannot be changed without major renovation.

Depending on the number of vehicles you own, having ample space for parking is a definite need. If you have children and/or pets, you will also want to consider outdoor space. A backyard doesn’t have to be huge, but many people consider it a necessity for little ones and/or pets.

Your wants: Once the ‘sticker-shock’ sets in, you may find that items you originally thought of as “needs” can actually be categorized as “wants”. It’s more important to stay within your budget than it is to buy a home that is loaded with extras. Granite countertops, an island and a marble backsplash would be lovely to have, but remember that you can always add these features down the road when you can afford it. The same goes for hardwood floors, a finished basement and a pool in the backyard. The best part about buying a home you can improve on is the opportunity to earn a return on your investment.

Re/Max United Golf Tournament supporting Opération Enfant Soleil
May 28, 2017

Re/Max United Golf Tournament supporting Opération Enfant SoleilCongratulations to Re/Max United for the organization of this golf tournament for the benefit of Operation Enfant Soleil!! AmeriSpec is proud to have had the privilege to sponsor this event. Congratulations to all those who braved the rain, the cold, wind and mosquitoes in order to raise money for sick children!!

Re/Max 2000 Lobster Beef Dinner supporting Opération Enfant Soleil
May 19, 2017

Re/Max 2000 Lobster Beef Dinner supporting Opération Enfant SoleilCongrats to the team of Re/Max 2000 with this lobster-beef dinner for a good cause. The sum of $31,000.00 had been raised in support of Operation Enfant Soleil!! AmeriSpec is proud to have participated in this wide success as a sponsor!!

The Blue Martinis / Synergy Evening Event for the Relay for Life
April 24, 2017
The Blue Martinis / Synergy Evening Event for the Relay for Life
To the loving memory of our Director Mr. Yves L’Archevêque, who died of cancer a year ago.Amerispec is proud to have participated in The Blue Martinis / Synergy Evening Event for the Relay for Life. The fight against cancer is very important to us!!Congratulations to Christiane Lavoie of Sutton Synergie and her team for this beautiful event that included 450 participants this year!
How To Recover From A Flood
April 13, 2017
How To Recover From A Flood
AmeriSpec staff is sympathetic to everyone who has suffered a disaster as a result of last week’s floods. We are wholeheartedly with you. We’re aware that it’s not always easy to quickly manage the multiple tasks required after such damage. However, please note that ServiceMaster Restore devotes a page on their site to help you :
Sound Advice on a Rainy Day of Spring
March 31, 2017
Basement FloodingIn order to prevent water damage, use the next rainy day as an opportunity to do the exterior inspection of your property, and plan any corrections early this season.
Here are the important points to check outside your home:


    • Verify if there is water accumulation near the foundation. If the answer is yes, you will need to make corrections to the land by adding dirt to the perimeter of the house. This provides a positive slope and diverts the water from the foundation.


    • Take this opportunity to ensure that winter has not damaged your gutter system. Make sure it’s not blocked by debris and that an extension (6ft or 2m) is present at the base of each of the descents. This allows water to flow away from the house.


  • A careful examination of your roof will allow you to check if damage has been caused by the winter weather. If you notice any anomalies, it would be prudent to consult a roofer to make the necessary corrections.

Here are some points to verify inside your home:

      • A rainy day is also a good time to visit your attic and make sure there is no water infiltration.


      • Inspect the walls and floors of your basement to see if water is infiltrating, especially if water is accumulated near the house.


    • If your home is equipped with a sump and an ejector pump, it’s also a good time to check its operation.

If you need any advice, don’t hesitate to contact our inspectors. Have a good day!

Basement Flooding: How to Avoid Standing In Knee-deep In Water
March 25, 2017

Basement FloodingFlooding and water damage are things no homeowner ever wants to deal with. But depending on where you live, your home may be prone to flooding.If you’re buying a home, make sure that you’re aware of any flooding issues in the area and find out if there are prevention tools already in place to avoid flooding.To read the full article click on the following link:

8 Storage Tips to Help You Clean Better, Clean Faster
March 24, 2017

8 Storage Tips to help you clean better, clean fasterFlooding and water damage are things no homeowner ever wants to deal with. But depending on where you live, your home may be prone to flooding.If you’re buying a home, make sure that you’re aware of any flooding issues in the area and find out if there are prevention tools already in place to avoid flooding.For more information see the following links:

Fire Hazard – Thermostat Recall
February 21, 2017
Fire Hazard - Thermostat RecallThere is currently an important recall for thermostats made in China that could overheat, melt, damage
the wall or worse, present a fire hazard.This Health Canada recall involves more than 240,000 Honeywell thermostats sold between 2000 and 2007. It was expanded in 2015 to include Garrison, Home, NOMA, RONA and UPM appliances.
What you need to do
Do you think you have a potentially hazardous thermostat? Locate all thermostat reminders on There were several, spread out over a few years. Check all the rooms in your house to see if your thermostats are part of these lists.
Open the small door and unscrew the screws that hold the thermostat to the wall. If your thermostats are recalled, call an electrician to remove them as soon as possible and contact the retailer from whom you purchased the product, as the importer
is no longer in business, and have it replaced.For more information see the following links:

photo credit:

Why Remove Snow from Your Roof?
February 1, 2017
Why Remove Snow from Your Roof?
It is imperative to clear the roof as soon as the accumulation reaches 24 inches (61 centimeters). Also, with the “warm weather”, the snow often turns into ice, the water rises under the shingles and that’s when it becomes a problem.The entire roof does not have to be cleared of snow to prevent water infiltration, only the part around eavestroughs must be cleared. To perform the work, sharp objects such as metal shovels or ice picks must be avoided.To conclude, be careful! If you have to go on the roof, be sure to use a harness.
Our Deepest Sympathies
January 30, 2017
Our Deepest Sympathies
Dear Muslim clients and friends, Following the tragedy at the mosque in the town of Ste-Foy, we are deeply touched and share your pain. We would never have believed that ignorance and intolerance would take this murderous form in Quebec. All our
sympathies are with the bereaved families.
Happy New Year 2017!!
January 4, 2017
Happy New Years 2016!!
As the new year begins, AmeriSpec wishes its customers, friends and suppliers, health, joy and happiness. You have been faithful to our company, and we would like to thank you very much for your support.Just like fireworks, we hope 2017 will be full of strong moments, shining with positive emotions and good surprises.May your projects find positive outcomes and turn out to be as successful as those of previous years.We look forward to crossing your path again and hopefully serving you in 2017.
Via Capitale Distinction Christmas Supper
December 9, 2016
Via Capitale Distinction Christmas Supper
Thanks to Mr. Alain Joyal for the invitation to this Christmas supper with all brokers of Via Capitale Distinction! Great evening, great meal and good atmosphere!!
A Celebration of 2016 at Groupe Sutton Synergie
December 7, 2016
A Celebration of 2016 at Groupe Sutton Synergie
GMREB Christmas CocktailAmeriSpec was honoured to join the Groupe Sutton Synergie brokers to celebrate the year of 2016. Congratulations to the organizers for this very successful evening!!
GMREB Christmas Cocktail
December 7, 2016
GMREB Christmas Cocktail
GMREB Christmas Cocktail
GMREB Christmas Cocktail

AmeriSpec was proud to sponsor the Christmas Cocktail of the GMREB (Greater Montréal Real Estate Board / Laval / North Shore Regional Group). During this evening Monsieur Stéphane Blanchard participated in the silent auction in favour of the guignolée
and managed to get the golden record of John Lennon!!!

How to prepare for a Home Inspection
December 2, 2016

An uncluttered house helps to avoid uninspected areas that may concern a future buyer. Here are some tips to make for a smooth home inspection:

  • Be sure to clear access to the attic, especially if the access door is in a closet.
  • Clear the space around the electrical panel, heating units, water heater, and cabinets below the sink.
  • Take vehicles out of the garage if possible, to allow for better examination of the slab.
  • Open curtains and blinds to allow inspection of windows.
How to prepare for a Home Inspection
  • Unlock the exterior fences and/or gates.
  • Have a copy of the seller’s declaration to be given to the inspector.

Good inspection – good sale!!!

$$ How to Easily Reduce Your Heating Costs $$
November 23, 2016
Many people believe that reducing heating in the basement during the winter season will save money. On the contrary, we must heat adequately (20 degrees Celsius) to counteract the moisture from the soil which is usually the main source of excess
moisture in a house. You will gain in comfort and energy savings, in addition to protecting your windows from harmful condensation.
Brrrr… Temperatures are Falling!
November 14, 2016
Starting in the fall, your home’s heating system operates at full capacity. But do you know that this unit does not just warm your home?The filtration system of your furnace is used to clean the air you breathe. Its role is to capture all types of dust produced by your daily activities (cooking, smoke, animal hair, etc.). It is therefore essential to check, clean or change the
filters at the time of regular maintenance of your home’s air system. By neglecting this maintenance, you risk breathing a high rate of dust that is harmful to your health, as well as compromising the performance of the heating system.
Sutton Synergie meeting
October 6, 2016
La réunion Sutton Synergie
AmeriSpec was present for the Sutton Synergie meeting. All of the AmeriSpec staff would like to congratulate Mr. Yvon Cousineau for his initiatives and his dynamism.AmeriSpec would also want to emphasize the implication of Mr. Cousineau, Ms. Christiane
Lavoie and all of the brokers, for their support in many causes, such as Relay for Life and Down Syndrome foundation. Sincere thanks for this very rewarding morning!
Convention day Via Capitale
September 29, 2016
Convention day Via Capitale September 29, 2016
AmeriSpec is proud to be associated with Via Capitale for its 2016 convention.More than 400 inspection companies in Quebec, and only one present at the convention! With representatives from all regions of Quebec, AmeriSpec is proud to be the only
inspection company to support Via Capital and its brokers.
Convention day Via Capitale September 29, 2016
The AmeriSpec team accompanied by Mr. David Martin, President and CEO at Via Capitale.
Convention day Via Capitale September 29, 2016
Congratulations to the winner of a Dell Venue 10 tablet – Madame Marjolaine Gingras!
Autism Laurentians
September 1, 2016
Autism Laurentians September 1, 2016
AmeriSpec is proud to have participated in the benefit dinner and fundraiser for Autism Laurentians!!
Autism Laurentians
A memorable event, with Autism Laurentians exceeding their goal to achieve $50,000.Congratulations to the entire team, honorary president Maître Étienne L. Morin of PFD Lawyers and M. Marc Vadeboncoeur of IMMODEV agence immobilière!!!
Re/Max Unis for Opération Enfant Soleil
June 6, 2016
Re/Max Unis for Opération Enfant Soleil June 6, 2016
AmeriSpec attended the golf tournament organized by Re/Max Unis in support of Operation Enfant Soleil!!A beautiful day was had, and for such a good cause!!!
Lobster Dinner at Re/Max du Cartier for Opération Enfant Soleil
May 19, 2016
Lobster Dinner at Re/Max du Cartier for Opération Enfant Soleil May 19, 2016
Lobster dinner at Re/Max 2000 in support of Opération Enfant Soleil!!! Susie accompanied by Jean-François Baril, our host for this wonderful evening.
Italian Evening at Re/Max du Cartier for Opération Enfant Soleil
May 12, 2016
Italian Evening at Re/Max du Cartier for Opération Enfant Soleil May 12, 2016
Congratulations to Re/Max du Cartier for their magnificent organization of the Italian dinner to benefit the great cause of Operation Enfant Soleil.Over $50,000 raised!!! WOW!! AmeriSpec Laval – North Shore – Montreal-East is proud to have contributed.
Thanks to Charles Perreault for this beautiful invitation!!
Inspection starting at :
  Single Family home Pre-sale $445.00  
  Single Family home Pre-Purchase $545.00  
  Condo Interior $425.00