Residential Inspection Services

Pre-sale Inspections

Pre-sale Inspections

Why do a pre-sale inspection?

Because a house in good condition sells more easily, more quickly and at a better price. In addition, the report will help you significantly reduce the time spent negotiating.

Amerispec offers our pre-sale inspection service for you to avoid potential hassles and disputes.

Our qualified inspectors will help you identify some gaps that could scare away potential buyers and allow you to fix it before receiving a promise to purchase. You will know exactly what repair or maintenance work needs to be done to make your house attractive.

A pre-sale inspection will inform your future buyer, in detail, about the condition of your home and the reports attached to the owner/seller disclosure form will allow you to explain the history of your home. You will also demonstrate that you are a conscientious and transparent owner who has the concern to properly maintain his property.


Inspection starting at :
  Single Family home Pre-sale $445.00  
  Single Family home Pre-Purchase $545.00  
  Condo Interior $425.00